The ONE SURE Refine Fuel Retailer’s Guarantee is designed for the fuel industry as a unique and accepted alternative to the traditional bank guarantees. Fitch ratings has assigned Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited’s (M&F RF) a National Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) rating of “AAA(zaf)” giving absolute assurance in performance and reliability.

Target Market

  • All fuel retail service station brands.

Specialist Features

  • Refine Fuel Retailer’s Bank Guarantee solution with selected Banks whereby the Fuel Company is issued with a bank guarantee however the Bank is secured by the Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited guarantee instead of traditional collateral assets (cash security or fixed property). This solution was designed for Chevron and Shell Retailers required to provide bank guarantees however the solution is suitable for any brand.

Key Benefits

  • New Retailers don’t have to finance, or tie up valuable security or working capital in providing bank guarantees.
  • Existing Retailers can substitute their bank guarantees and inject some liquidity into their business or reduce liabilities.
  • Existing Retailers on ‘hard cash’ can now afford a guarantee to trade on ACB / manumatic debit.
  • Existing Retailers can ‘top up’ their existing guarantees to meet current Fuel Company requirements.
  • The monthly premium is an Operating Expense of the business and thus written off against taxable income.
  • Opportunity cost of having released your cash or securities.

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