• Vehicles valued over R250 000 must have tracking devices installed and in sound working order. Ensure all monthly subscriptions are paid up to date. Tracking devices need to be active and in sound working order
  • All vehicles need to be road worthy
  • Make sure that all drivers have the required licences – see attached guide. This is applicable to regular and casual drivers
  • Vehicle brakes need to be in good working order and there should not be any bald tyres
  • Cameras need to be in working order once installed or the claim will be rejected
  • PDP requirements need to be adhered to as outlined below.

Learner's Codes

Code Vehicle Type
1 Motor cycle
2 Light motor vehicle (up to 3500 kg GVM)
3 Heavy motor vehicle

License Groups

Group Vehicle Type
A Motor cycle
B Light motor vehicle (up to 3500 kg GVM)
C Heavy motor vehicle
D Combinations, including articulated

PrDP Categories

Category Vehicle Type
G Goods vehicle (non-dangerous goods) and breakdown vehicle
P Buses seating more than 12 passengers, taxis and any vehicle carrying more than 12 (it also authorises driving category G vehicles)
D Vehicles transporting dangerous goods (it also authorises driving category P and G vehicles)

Foreign Licences:

Visitors [National Road Traffic Act, 1996, sect 23 (1) and reg 110] Visitors to South Africa may use a valid international driving permit or their foreign driving licence providing it remains valid in the country of issue and contains (or has attached to it) a photograph and signature of the holder, if in a foreign language, a certificate of authenticity or translation must also be attached.

PrDP Requirements [National Road Traffic Act 1996, sect 32 (3)] An international driving permit or foreign driving licence does not authorise the driving of a vehicle which requires a PrDP (see chart). The equivalent of PrDP issued to a driver resident in a neighbouring country is accepted.

Vehicle Type Age
Motor cycle up to 125cc 16 Years
Motor cycle above 125cc 18 Years
Learner’s licence for light vehicles (code 2) 17 Years
PrDp to carry goods only (G) 18 Years
PrDp to carry passengers (P) 21 Years
PrDp to carry dangerous goods (D) 25 Years
All other licences 18 Years

Do you need a PrDP?