• Call 0861 000 286 from the scene of the accident to arrange for roadside assistance and your vehicle to be towed.
  • Never admit fault nor liability.
  • The following documents will be required in the event of an accident:
    • Copy of you ID document and drivers license of the driver, as well as the first date of issue of the driver’s license.
    • A quotation for the repairs of damage.
    • Copy of vehicle registration certificate.
    • The SAPS case number and the name of the station where reported.
    • If another vehicle was involved we will require the vehicle details (registration number, make and model), the contact details of the driver (name, telephone numbers) and his/her insurance details.
    • If property other than vehicles was involved we will require the name and address of the owner, as well as details of the damage.
    • If there were any personal injuries, resulting from the motor accident (other than to you and members of your family), we will require the name of the injured person, their relationship to the accident (passenger, driver, pedestrian), details of their injuries and the name of the hospital where they were treated.
    • If available, the names and contact numbers of independent witnesses.
    • A sketch of the accident will be required.

Should your vehicle be written off we will require the following information:

  • Vehicles keys and documents (Manual and service Books)
  • Original vehicle registration certificate.
  • If financed - a letter from the bank in respect of the settlement figure.
  • Two signed change-of-ownership forms.

Please note: that should you fax or email the documents to us, we will still require the original documentation before a claim can be finalised.