• Household contents with a sum insured of up to R250 000 requires burglar bars on all opening windows and security gates on all external doors.
  • Household contents with a sum insured of R350 000 and above requires a working alarm linked to security company back up. Alarms should be tested on a regular basis
  • The sum insured of household contents should be adjusted to avoid under insurance. Ideally this should be done at least once a year. Remember that the replacement method is new for old and the sum insured should be adequate to accommodate this.
  • Help your clients by reminding them to keep up to date :
    • Current valuation certificates of jewellery and photographs assist to prove ownership
    • Proof of ownership for more expensive items
    • Photos of valuable items are helpful in the event of a claim
    • Documentation that will be required in the event of a claim

The Following documents/items will be required when submitting your claim:

  • If applicable, the SAPS case number and the name of the station where the incident was reported.
  • Proof of ownership of stolen items
  • In the case of spectacles/contact lenses we will require a letter stating that there is no cover from or claim against your medical aid.
  • If your cell phone has been stolen we will require the blacklist documents
  • In the case of damage caused by lightning or electricity surge we will require confirmation of any lightning protection/Uninterruptible Power Supply devices.
  • If your cover is subject to a burglar alarm system we will require an activation and response report from the security company.
  • Quotations to replace items.
  • Damaged items must be forwarded to ONE | SURE as salvage

Please note: that should you fax or email the documents to us, we will still require the original documentation before a claim can be finalised.

Remember any salvage belongs to ONE, once the claim has been settled.

Personal liability and personal accident claims Call ONE Claims Center for assistance.