We provide an array of tailor made products for the small to medium size business enterprise. These products cover a wide range of commercial business entities and includes niche products for the retail, hospitality, trade , FSP providers and farming industry.

Extended liability cover is available on all our commercial products through the commercial Top Up Liability Insurance Policy.

Lifestyle benefits and Roadside Assistance are available through our ONE Assist Programme.


General Commercial

The ONE Agri Policy is designed to protect the farmer’s agricultural assets.

The ONE General Commercial Policy is designed to cover the risks of small to medium-sized business enterprises.

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Church and Charity

Driving School

The ONE Church and Charity Policy is designed for churches, charities, non government and non profit organisations.

The ONE Driving School Policy is designed to meet the needs of the driving-school owner.

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Edu Emergency Assist

The ONE Education Policy is designed to meet the insurance needs of registered educational institutions.

The ONE Edu Emergency Assist Policy provides personal accident cover and emergency assistance for all learners and staff of a registered educational institution, providing the governing body and principal with complete peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

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Home-based Entrepreneur

The ONE Garage Policy is designed for the unique risks of the fuel-retail industry.

The ONE Home-based Entrepreneur Policy is designed for the small to medium sized enterprise that is operated from home.

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The ONE Professional Policy is designed to meet the needs of professionals for their business and personal assets.

The ONE Restaurant Policy is designed to meet the needs of the restaurant and franchise food industry.

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Sectional Title


The ONE Sectional Title Policy is designed to provide an all-inclusive product for sectional title property complexes.

ONE offers a Tourism product that provides cover for all participants within the tourism industry. This includes cover for all the assets, liabilities, personal accident and vehicles for all tourism related operators and businesses as well as cover for the owner’s personal assets, liabilities and vehicles.

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