The Personal Lifestyle Solution products address the needs of every individual in protecting their Personal Lifestyle and Assets.

Target Market

  • Everyone who lives in a home who wants to protect their building(s) and/ or their household contents from loss or damage. All vehicles used for personal or business use will be covered.

Key benefits

  • Building and contents cover.
  • Motor vehicle and motor cycle cover.
  • All Risks can be added to protect high value items.
  • Accidental damage cover for contents and building available as an optimal extension.
  • Flexible options of cover from comprehensive to third party fire and theft, or third party only.
  • Contents of freezer cover limited to R5 000.
  • Jamming cover, as specified limited up to R5 000.
  • Theft contents whilst in transit limited to R5 000.

Specialist Features

  • 1 Home Assist cover automatically included (Intelligent Panic, Home Assist, Emergency Medical Assist, Get You Home Safely).
  • Power surge cover automatically included (limit up to R10 000 for any one item and R25 000 per event).
  • Cover for foodstuffs lost or damaged up to R5 000 due to loss of power.
  • Automatic Builders Cover when altering or building onto your home limited to 5% of sum insured.
  • Medical expense of guests and domestic employees limited to R5 000.
  • Loss of water by leakage up to R10 000.
  • Security Guards limited to R5 000.
  • Excess free for pensioners.
  • Limited subsidence and landslip cover.
  • Renovation to home in event of owner requiring wheelchair access limited to R20 000.

Optional Extensions

  • Car Hire so that you can continue with your lifestyle while we attend to the finalization of your claim. (You can upgrade your rental option).
  • Home Safe Chauffeur. Six trips per year limited to R500 per trip to get you home safely when you can’t drive.
  • Crime Assist in the event of hijack or home invasion that provides a free pre loaded cellphone, car hire for 48 hours, preloaded credit card of R500, security guard for 24 hours.
  • Excess helper which waivers the excess applicable in the event of a claim.
  • Credit shortfall option up to 20% of sum insured of the vehicle.

Collectable Cars


The ONE Collectable Car Policy is designed to provide cover for collectable and classic cars on a stand-alone basis.

The ONE Device Policy provides affordable, comprehensive cover for electronic devices.

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Personal Solutions

The ONE LeSure product is developed to target high value equipment that for the most part is safely stored, and that provides the consumer with a lifestyle they are passionate about. Due to extensive research and communication amongst the various enthusiasts we have identified as our target market.

It is important to note that these covers are for LEISURE activities, i.e. if the consumer is paid more than 5% of their annual remuneration to do this or competes professionally in this activity, or this forms part of a commercial enterprise, then LeSure cover cannot be obtained.

The activities that are available under LeSure are: Fishing, Sky Diving, Scuba Diving, Paddling, Hunting/target shooting, Board Surfing, Golfing, Wind Surfing, Kite surfing, Hang gliding, Camping and hiking, Paragliding (including powered paragliding), Photography, Parasailing, Birding

The Personal Solution product is designed to ensure that any claim has the least impact on the insured’s lifestyle.

For example, “the Solution” in a car crash is that the insured will activate Intelligent Panic with the push of one button on their cellphone. Professional crisis managers will phone the insured and automatically locate their exact whereabouts through triangulation. The Call Centre will also arrange for free as part of the Solution.

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