The ONE 4X4 Extreme section has been specifically designed to provide cover for the 4X4 Enthusiast

Target Market

  • 4x4 Owners

Extensions include

  • 4x4’s (full off-road cover).
  • Quads and off-road motor cycles.
  • Caravans and off-road trailers.

Specialist Features

  • Territorial limits: option of full cover south of the equator.
  • Vehicle repatriation costs up to R100 000.
  • Optional upgrade for 4x4 vehicle hire.
  • Medical Emergency evacuation service.
  • Automatic theft cover for portable DVD players, GPS units and recovery equipment beyond borders for RSA up to R5 000.
  • Emergency repairs automatically included up to R20 000.
  • Full roadside assistance including 20 Litres of free fuel at no additional cost to client.
  • Emergency accommodation beyond borders of RSA up to R35 000.
  • Protection and removal beyond borders of RSA up to R4 000.
  • Vehicle audio systems, 2 way radios beyond borders of RSA up to R15 000.
  • Full mechanical and electrical derangement cover for winching equipment up to R15 000 per incident.

Technical assistance as a result of sudden or unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown across boarder up to R10 000. “ICE” In Case of Emergency button - we provide you, your family or regular driver with an “ICE’ button which automatically provides 1 Assist with your location details through cellphone signal also linking you to our 24 hour helpdesk. A Guardian Angel to stay with you after an accident until help arrives, within the Borders of South Africa.


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