ONE Edu Emergency Assist provides the School with direct and immediate access to a Crisis Management centre when the crisis hits.

It is so important to remember that Schools are entrusted with our children and that is a big responsibility. If a child is injured then the School needs to act immediately and must know what to do. If they do not then they expose themselves to substantial financial and reputational damage. By pressing one button on the teacher’s cell phone, our 24 hour Call Centre trained professionals will triangulate the location of the teacher and phone them back immediately. They will handle the Emergency and dispatch an ambulance if necessary to take the injured learner to the nearest hospital and guarantee their admission for emergency treatment.

Key Benefits

  • The product offers and caters for three aspects:
  • Management of emergency process – panic button facility on staff cell phone.
  • Information system – learners contact and medical
  • information is available 24 hours per day.
  • Medical guarantees and cover – guaranteed admission into hospitals and up to R100 000 medical cover per learner per incident.

NEW Improved Benefits

  • Various Options to suite your school’s requirements.
  • Reduced Excess (R500).
  • 7 Day Follow-Up cover.
  • Reimbursement of Expenses paid from Medical Aid Savings.
  • All learners will have medical cover in place ranging from R25 000 per learner per incident up to R100 000 per learner per incident, depending on the option selected.

No School or Parent should worry that the best care will not be given to the children entrusted to the School because the School cannot afford private care or does not know if the child is a paid up member of a Medical Aid.

The Edu Emergency Assist product is specifically designed to manage the complete emergency process on behalf of the staff and school and to offer all involved complete peace-of-mind.


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