The Personal Solution product is designed to ensure that any claim has the least impact on the insured’s lifestyle.

For example, “the Solution” in a car crash is that the insured will activate Intelligent Panic with the push of one button on their cellphone. Professional crisis managers will phone the insured and automatically locate their exact whereabouts through triangulation. The Call Centre will also arrange for free as part of the Solution

Service the following Specialist Features:

  • Emergency Medical Transport, if anyone is injured, to the closest hospital 2. For a guard to be dispatched to Stand By Your family (only available in certain cities). Now your family is safe.
  • For AA to tow your vehicle to a place of safe storage or one of our preferred panelbeaters. Now your asset is safe.
  • To Get You Home by arranging for a taxi lift home for your family or an overnight stay in a hotel or a 48 hour car hire to continue your trip.

Other Specialist Benefits:

  • Car hire so you can continue with your lifestyle while we attend to the finalization of your claim.
  • Jamming cover limited to R5,000 for specified items
  • Automatic cover to buildings limited to 5% of sum insured when altering or building
  • Home Safe Chauffeur where you may have had too much to drink limited to R500 per trip and 6 times per year
  • Crime Assist in the event of a hijack or home invasion that provides a free preloaded cellphone, car hire for 48 hours, preloaded credit card to R500, security guard for 24 hours


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