The new ONE Domestic Sectional Title Assets All Risk policy provides the perfect solution for domestic sectional title property complexes and Home Owners Associations. Cover is provided for the entire complex including all buildings, common property, office contents, all risk items, vehicles and all liabilities.

Target Market

  • Domestic complexes and developments.
  • Homeowners Associations.

Introducing New Cover offerings:

  • Free Geyser Excess How? Easy and for free! We will inspect and replace, where necessary, the anodes for all geysers requiring. We will then provide a Geyser Excess Waiver Certificate. All of this for free! Free service, free anode replacement and free Geyser Excess Waiver.
  • Free inclusion of levy insurance that protects the body corporate against defaulting levy payments. It also includes cover for electricity and water charges, as well as special levies. Cover can be extended to historic debts as well subject to certain terms and conditions.
  • Contingent Fidelity Guarantee cover for Managing Agents up to R50 000 which protects the Complex against the Managing Agent stealing the levies.
  • Different units can insure their property at different values all on the same schedule.

Other Key Benefits

  • Variable options up to 35% for loss of rent and 12% for escalation and inflation.
  • Office contents up to R500 000.
  • Money cover up to R100 000.
  • Fidelity Guarantee cover up to R200 000.
  • Broad form liability cover up to R50 000 000 including cover for gratuitous advice (R1 000 000) and wrongful arrest and defamation (R250 000).
  • Trustees Liability or D&O cover up to R20 000 000.
  • Employers Liability cover up to R50 000 000.
  • Machinery Breakdown cover up to R500 000.
  • Power surge as a result of Eskom cover up to R100 000.
  • Accidental Damage cover up to R500 000.
  • Theft of landlords fixtures and fittings cover of R10 000.
  • Building Modifications cover of R20 000.
  • Domestic Electric Motors and Gate Motors cover of R10 000.
  • Security Guards cover of R10 000.
  • Burst pipes and the costs of locating the water leak including any Water Loss cover of R10 000.
  • Limited Subsidence and Landslip (full cover dependent upon a GeoTechnical report).


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