The ONE Sectional Title Policy is designed to provide an all-inclusive product for sectional title property complexes.

Target Market

  • Commercial complexes and developments.
  • Light industrial complexes and developments.
  • Homeowners associations.

Specialist Features

  • The policy complies with all the relevant sectional title legislation

Key Benefits

  • Cover for the entire sectional title facility, including all buildings, common property, contents, vehicles and liabilities.
  • Cover for loss of rent up to 30% of the sum insured for each unit.
  • Inflation and escalation cover of 12%.
  • Office contents cover up to R100 000
  • Money cover up to R50 000.
  • Fidelity Guarantee cover up to R250 000.
  • Public liability cover up to R50 000 000.
  • Directors and Officers also available – limited to R1 000 000.
  • Trustees indemnity cover up to R20 000 000.
  • Employers liability cover up to R50 000 000.
  • Machinery breakdown cover up to R50 000.
  • Cover for geyser replacement and maintenance also available.
  • Levy guarantee is also available which protects the body corporate against defaulting levy payments. It includes cover for electricity and water charges, as well as special levies.

Automatic Extensions

Automatic extensions under the Buildings Combined section include

  • Power surge – limited to R10000
  • Theft of landlords fixtures and fittings – limited to R10000
  • Subsidence and Landslip (limited cover)
  • Accidental Damage – limited to R250000
  • Accidental damage to marble and granite tops – limited to R20000
  • Guards – limited to R10000
  • Damage to gardens – limited to R5000
  • Claims preparation costs – limited to R10000

Automatic extensions under the Office contents section include

  • Documents – limited to R10000
  • Legal liability as a direct consequence of loss or damage to documents – Limited to R1000000
  • Electronic Equipment – limited to R20000
  • Claims preparation costs – limited to R10000

Automatic extensions under the Money section include

  • Personal accident and assault – limited to R10000
  • Receptacles – limited to R5000
  • Clothing and personal effects – limited to R5000
  • Locks and keys – limited to R10000
  • Claims preparation costs – limited to R10000

Automatic extensions under the Business All Risks section include

  • Garden tools and implements – limited to R5000
  • Gate motors – limited to R5000

Automatic extensions under the Broadform liability section include

  • Wrongful arrest and defamation – limited to R250000
  • Gratuitous advice – limited to R1000000


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