The ONE Edu Emergency provides the School with direct and immediate access to a Crisis Manager when the crisis hits. This product is about managing a crisis as effectively as possible and indemnifying the School for any unforeseen costs. Reputation is all important and the ONE solution ensures that the School is doing the best for the child when the child is injured (at the time of the emergency) while under the jurisdiction of the school. If a child is injured the School must not concern itself with whether the parents have medical aid or not but must ensure that the child is given the best available treatment.

This product is not a medical aid nor does it purport to be one. This product is about dealing with an emergency effectively and in so doing, we are ensuring that no-one can hold the School liable for mismanaging a crisis.

If the pupil has medical aid then the medical aid will pick up these costs but if there is no medical aid and the School has admitted the pupil then it would be the School that would need to pick up these costs. Our product indemnifies the School from these costs that relate to the emergency.

Target Market

  • Other educational institutions

Key Benefits

  • Prompt supply of vital medical and contact information in an emergency
  • Management of all accident procedures
  • Panic-button activation by educators
  • Satellite tracking of injured person’s position
  • Assistance in dispatching emergency medical services (EMS), for example ambulance and fire department
  • Guaranteed acceptance and treatment of learners and staff at registered medical facilities
  • Medical cover for all learners and staff following an accident up R100 000 per person


  • Not available to unregistered educational institutions


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